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Jyotish Shastri 1st class 2nd Obtained Silver medal (Bachelor of Astrology)
My study subjects was ,Definition of astrological Yoga, Benefic & malefic planets for different lagans, 4 kinds of relation in Yoga ,Raj Yogas,Dhana Yogas.Maha Bhagyaban Yogas .Daridra Yogas,Durvagya Yogas,Kemadruma Yoga,Shakata Yoga,Rekha Yoga,Budhaditya Yoga,Kashetra Simha sama Yoga,Chandraprabha Yoga,Sunapha-Anapha-Dhurdhura Yoga.Adhi Yoga,Chandre-Mangala Yoga,Guru-Mangal Yoga,Guru-Souri Yoga, guru-Chandal Yoga, Chatushagari Yoga,Pancha Mahapurush Yoga,(Hamsa Yoga,Malavya Yoga,Ssa Yoga,RuchakaYoga,Bhadra Yoga),Vesi-Vadi-Ubhayanchari Yoga,Gagakeshari Yoga,Jiban Yoga,Kalasarpa Yoga,Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga,Bipareet Raj Yoga,Sarswati Yoga,Malika Yogas ,Vahana Yoga,Baitanik Yoga,Indu Lagna,Balarishta Yoga,Matri Rishti,Pitri Rishti,Arishta Bhanga,Dwigraba-Trigraha-Chaturgraha Phala,Bhowma Dosha & its cancellation .Yoga Bhanga,Yogas based on Parasari-Brihajjatak ,Jataka parijata-Sabarthachintramanj-Uttarakakamrita-Bhabartha ratnakar-Phaladeepika-Jyotish Kalpadruma etc.

Application of established astrological principles for predictive purposes in Mundane Astrology the definition of Mundane Astrology and its meaning in the modern perspectives analysis of charts as applied to Mundane affairs transit of heavenly bodies and their effects on socio- economic and political conditions –labor, public health ,education, taxation, disturbances and social welfare of a country, anarchy, rebellion and wars, analysis of combinations, both planetary and stellar rise and fall of Governments change of internal Government of a country and political downfall of leaders governing the affairs of a country variability of the emotions and aspects of the planets and determination and calculation of effects there of on particular events in particular areas of the Earth transits of planets and ecological and atmospheric changes in different regions of the Earth ,Floods, Droughts ,Famines, Epidemics, Earthquakes, Cyclones, Tornados and Hurricanes, Riots and Public Movement, Hijacking ,Combinations for occurrence of fire and accidents share and bullion markets lotteries .The weather and planetary configurations, rains, fogs and snowfalls internal revolution in a country ,Elections ,Elect ional Astrology ,voices of birds ,animals and reptiles and omen.

The creation and the vital force birth of a child the hands as the mirror of the human being judging the psychological aspects of a client before palm-reading consistency flexibility and color of the hand the nail the as a whole the fingers in general the fingers tips knotty smooth long and short finger the thumb the mounts simultaneous reading of the mounts and the fingers the mounts of Jupiter Saturn Apollo mercury Venus and the moon the two mounts of mars or Rahu & Ketu ( Two Shadow Planet) as per Indian tradition, the behavior of the major minor and the subsidiary lines and their proportional representation the lines of heart head life fate marshal influence affection Saturn Apollo and mercury, the ring of Solomon and the girdle of Venus the minor lines the chance lines the strengthening lines and the connecting lines deciphering different signs on the palm the circles squares triangles stars tridents vertical lines horizontal lines grills crosses bars crossbars islands and dots in their individual capacity or in combination with each other deduction of results and knowledge of numerology.

The genesis and philosophy the lordships of the planets over the constellations Behavioral aspects of the signs the Bhavas and the planets the laws of trines in all their aspects the philosophy of influence of the heavenly bodies on human life cycle connecting factors of the trines and the angles and the combined strength arising out of the same rationalizations of the concepts of friendly and enemy relationship among the planets the natural and functional benefices and malefic positional strength of the planets with reference to individual charts the exalted debilitated Moolatrikona & Swakshetra planets and the planets in their direct and retrograde motions and variation of effects in relation thereto planetary aspect conjunction and opposition combust planets Relative factors and interactions for happening of events in life classification and generalization of predictive principles as appearing in the classical texts the system of analysis as prescribed by parasara different kinds of Dasa(Dasa= PLANETARY PERIOD) system formula for application of the Vimsottari Dasa results transit Yotoka vichara, begetting of children; wealth and property, widowhood, loss of property,immorality,synthesized approach to analysis and deciphering of the a nativity with reference to the natal chart,the Navamsa chart,the sub-periods and sub-sub periods according to the Vimsottari dasa system. Examination in depth of example charts for interpretation and deduction of results.

A thorough knowledge about the gems and stones; the process of recognizing the genuine gems and stones; use of gems and stones to remedy hostile stars and planets; the origin, color, symptoms, glaze, hardness and thickness of gems and stones ,the process of recognizing sub- gems and their actions to check the hostility of stars and planets ,the roots used to keep the hostile stars and planets under control ,Grahapuja,Santi-Swastayan,the deity worshipped for the planets; the color of the planets, Mantras for propitiation, mental to keep the hostile planets under control, Kabach,(Kavach= AMULET)Yantram etc. Discussions on diseases, obstructions in education, religious pursuits, various troubles
Enmity, Court cases, litigations, childlessness, obstructions in child-bearing, joblessness, problems in getting a job ,obstacles, towards promotion, increase of unnecessary expenses ,drainage of money ,and for all such things how to remedy the
Afflicted planets and stars.
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